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The Better Home Heat Council is a consumer advocacy group helping homeowners find heating oil. Allentown PA is one of the areas in which our dealers deliver fuel oil. If you need home heating oil Allentown deliveries, click the button below to find a local dealer. Our fuel delivery companies offer great oil prices, friendly service and fast deliveries to Allentown and all surrounding areas.

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Our oil dealers are second to none, they represent the best home heating oil distributors in Northeastern Pennsylvania. They will deliver heating oil to your home or business promptly. Call them to place your order. Some dealers offer online order capabilities, making it easy to order quality oil 24/7.

Allentown Fuel Oil Delivery

Heating oil is low viscosity, liquid petroleum used as a fuel oil for heating systems like furnaces or boilers in homes and businesses. Many properties within Allentown, Pennsylvania are heated with #2 fuel oil. Additionally, homeowners may need kerosene or diesel fuel delivered to them. Many of our dealers do offer these services. To find a local dealer that meets your needs, click this link: Fuel Oil dealers.

Facts Regarding Heating Oil Allentown PA

It’s not bad for the environment! Unfortunately, the media has not been very kind to the oil industry. Consequently, this has created a common perception that heating with oil is dirty. This is simply not true. Compared to a natural gas boiler system, an oil heating system actually produces less emissions and burns cleaner.

Fuel oil is not dangerous! In fact, did you know that you can drop a lit match into a pool of heating oil and the match will extinguish itself. Unlike propane or natural gas, oil is not combustible unless it is under high pressure. It is completely safe to store heating oil in a tank located on your property. Even if the oil tank leaks, it will not cause an explosion, unlike natural gas leaks.

Fuel oil not expensive! Oil prices are very affordable and because oil is provided by a large number of independent dealers, the market determines the pricing. For example, if you do not like the price per gallon from a particular dealer, it is very easy to comparison shopping to find a better price. This convenience is not available to natural gas consumers!

Many heating oil dealers offer price protection plans and payment plans that allow homeowners to spread out the costs of their winter oil bills over the course of the entire year. Some companies allow consumers to lock in pricing prior to the start of the heating season. In fact, homeowners that opt to heat with oil are oftentimes particularly delighted at how affordable oil can be.

Heating with oil is efficient! Advances in the heating industry have made oil heat a very efficient fuel source today. Pound for pound, oil produces more heat that other fuels.

Some FAQs About Heating Oil:

Is kerosene the same as heating oil? Kerosene, Diesel and Fuel Oil are all essentially the same. Kerosene has a shorter hydrocarbon blend than Diesel or Fuel Oil so it has better solvent properties. If you burn a lot of kerosene, change your fuel filter afterward since it might clean your tank a bit. Diesel is atomically closer to Fuel Oil than Kerosene but it is dyed and taxed differently.

How do I bleed my home heating oil burner after running out of oil? Every heating system is different. When you run out of heating oil Allentown, sediment can get clogged up in your oil burner. It is best to call a professional to get a pump and prime service to ensure that your heating system will continue to operate smoothly.

What is the size of an average fuel oil tank? Typical oil tank sizes in Allentown are 275 gallons. However, tank sizes vary. We see tanks that are 200 gallons, 225 gallons, 250 gallons or other.

How long will 100 gallons of oil heat my two story home? There are many variables involved in answering this question. For example, how well is the insulation in your home? How high do you keep the temperature settings in your home? How cold is it outside? Is your oil furnace or oil boiler running efficiently? The best way to figure this out is to ask the people who lived in the home LAST winter what the fuel bill was and how much they used.

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