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Hello & welcome to the Better Home Heat Council. We are a consumer advocacy group, educating the public on the benefits of heating homes with oil heat. Get the best home heating oil Easton PA has to offer to residential and commercial property owners and renters.

Local Heating Oil Dealer

Local Oil Dealers

Our oil dealers are second to none, they represent the best home heating oil distributors in Northeastern Pennsylvania. They will deliver heating oil to your home or business promptly. Call them to place your order. Some dealers offer online order capabilities, making it easy to order quality oil 24/7.

Fuel Delivery in Easton, PA

BHHC fuel delivery service companies offer the widest array of products to meet all of your needs. Since we offer the consumer a wide array of companies to choose from you can rest assured that you’ll find all types of fuels, #2 oil, bio fuel, diesel fuel, propane, kerosene and lubricants for purchase or delivery. You can expect prompt fuel delivery service in Easton, Pennsylvania or surrounding areas. You can check our dealer locator page to find the best home heating oil delivery company to meet your specific needs. You’ll see a listing of contractors that service your zip code, complete with phone numbers to make it easy to call them.

Some Facts Regarding Home Heating Oil

Heating oil is not dangerous – It is a fact that home heating oil, by itself, is not dangerous. With that being said, any heating system has the potential to be dangerous, regardless of how it is fueled. If the system is not properly maintained, serviced and looked after, then it can present a danger in the home.

#2 Fuel Oil is not combustible, unlike propane or natural gas. Heating oil is completely safe to store in your home however it is always a good idea to make sure that your heating oil tank is periodically inspected for leaks. One noteworthy point to make is that heating oil is not explosive whereas gas is. If there is a heating oil leak, you do not run the risk of a home explosion. On the other hand, home do in fact explode due to gas leaks.

It’s not expensive – A common misconception is that heating oil is expensive and therefore heating your home with oil is an expensive proposition.  The bottom line is that quality heating oil is not expensive. In fact, in the 2014-2015 heating season, heating oil prices decreased while natural gas prices increased.

Many heating oil dealer offer price protection plans and payment plans that allow homeowners to spread out the costs of their winter oil bills over the course of the entire year. Some companies allow consumers to lock in pricing prior to the start of the heating season. In fact, homeowners that opt to heat with oil are oftentimes particularly delighted at how affordable oil can be.

It’s not bad for the environment – The press has not been kind to the oil industry and this has created a perception that heating with oil is dirty. This is simply not true. Compared to a natural gas boiler system, an oil heating system actually produces less emissions and burns cleaner.

Easton Oil heat is efficient – When you think of Easton home oil heating, do you think that it is an inefficient heat source? You are not the only one to think this. This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions about heating with oil. The reality is that advances in the heating industry have made oil heat a very efficient fuel source today. Pound for pound, oil produces more heat that other fuels. Of course, the efficiency of the fuel is also dependent on the heating system equipment so it is important to keep your home’s heater in optimal condition to maximize its’ efficiency.

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