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The Better Home Heat Council of the Lehigh Valley is a consumer advocacy group that helps educate homeowners abou the benefits of heating with fuel oil. We offer a searchable database of heating oil dealers and Bethlehem PA is one of the cities in which our fuel companies deliver. If you need home heating oil deliveries to Bethlehem Pennsylvnaia, click the button below to find a local Bethlehem fuel dealer. Our delivery companies offer great oil prices, friendly service and fast deliveries to Bethlehem and all surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide you a dealer directory to make deliveries available, achieving maximum home comfort!

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Our Lehigh Valley oil dealers are second to none, they represent the best home heating oil distributors in Northeastern Pennsylvania. They will deliver heating oil to your home or business promptly. Call them to place your order. Some dealers offer oil online ordering capabilities, making it easy to order quality oil 24/7. Read more.

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If your home is heated with fuel oil, you will need a local oil delivery company that you can rely on. Home heating oil is one of the more reliable and efficient methods on the market for keeping your inside temperature comfortable. There are many options available when choosing a heating oil delivery company in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. For example, one option to consider is the pricing plans that your oil dealer offers.

Bethlehem Oil Prices And Oil Delivery Plans

For many years now, home heating oil has been the cheapest fuel to heat homes, outperforming natural gas, electricity, and propane. Some companies offer discount oil for consumers that prefer to manage their own oil deliveries. Other companies offer automatic will delivery payment plans with several different options. In some cases, they offer prepayment plans for people who like to lock in low prices in advance. Other plans include automatic oil delivery on a monthly payment plan. There are many oil companies that both discount and automatic delivery options. Use our fuel oil delivery dealer locator on this website to find a local oil dealer that matches your needs.

Bethlehem Heating Oil Delivery Companies

When comparing oil delivery companies in Bethlehem, PA, be sure to take a look at each companies delivery promises. Some oil dealers promise a 24/7 delivery schedule. Other dealers operate during normal business hours and will deliver heating oil to their existing customer base in emergency oil delivery situations only.

Be sure that you understand what your oil company will guarantee with regards to its delivery promises. Not all oil dealers who delivered to Bethlehem are the same. When contacting the dealer ask about their payment plans, their delivery promises, and their capacity to deliver oil when the demand rises in the middle of the winter. A little bit of research upfront will yield a great relationship and less stress down the road.

Oil vs Natural Gas

There are many common myths with regards to heating your home with oil. One myth is that oil burns dirty and is not efficient. Nothing could be further from the truth! With advances in modern technology, oil boilers, oil furnaces, and oil heating systems burn extremely efficiently, quietly and cleanly. In fact, when compared to natural gas, oil burns hotter and more efficiently. Additionally, oil is nonexplosive whereas natural gas is an explosive fuel. Did you know that a lit match dropped in a puddle of oil will not ignite!

Did you know? Heating oil is dyed red.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires heating oil and other distillate fuels that are not for highway use to be colored with a red dye. The red color identifies the fuel as exempt from the federal, state, and local taxes applied to fuels sold for use on public roadways and as illegal for use in vehicles that normally operate on roadways. source: https://www.eia.gov

Home Heating Oil Burner Services

A well-maintained oil heater should provide a long time of use. In this case, it would be perfectly safe to use. Your home heating system requires maintenance on an annual basis in order to ensure that it is operating at its highest efficiency levels. Many of our oil dealers also provide oil burner tune-ups and maintenance services. When scheduling a heating system service make sure that your oil dealer can offer some or all of the following items:

  • Annual heater tune-ups and inspections
  • Bethlehem oil burner repairs
  • Heating system upgrades and installations
  • Emergency “no-heat” service in Bethlehem
  • Oil tank inspections, upgrades, and removal
  • Bethlehem oil furnace or boiler installation
  • Energy efficiency assessments

Local information about Bethlehem PA

Bethlehem Pennsylvania is located in the middle of the Lehigh Valley. It is home to many famous sites such as Bethlehem Steel, Peeps and MusikFest.

Bethlehem is bordered to the east by Easton into the west by Allentown. Its population is approximately 85,000 people and its economy is arguably the strongest economy in the Lehigh Valley. Bethlehem is made up of several areas including North Bethlehem, South Bethlehem, Fountain Hill, West Bethlehem, Bethlehem Township, and Hanover Township. All of these subsections of Bethlehem feed into the Bethlehem area school District. The public school system is divided into two high schools, Liberty high school and Freedom high school. There are eight middle schools and 16 elementary schools.

Bethlehem is also known as Christmas city. During the Christmas season, Main Street is a large attraction due to its shops and restaurants. One of the most popular destinations during Christmas time is the Moravian bookstore. The city also has an annual tree lighting events that takes place in the closet next to the town hall.

Some of the main restaurant attractions in downtown Bethlehem include the Bethlehem Brew Works, Tapas, The Flying Egg, The Edge, Corked, and the Apollo Grill.

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